B2B Growth: Your Guide to B2B Marketing

Here’s the secret of the century:

To become a market-leading company, the #1 skill you need to develop is your ability to sell. Yeah, we’re talking to you, early-stage CEOs.

Marc Bernstein, CEO & Founder of Balto, a real-time sales enabler, fortunately got this piece of advice early in his entrepreneurial journey. He joins #Revenue host John Grispon to speak about…

  • Why early sales should be informing your product
  • Prospecting advice for startups
  • The channels Balto has used to raise $10M in series A funding
  • How to gain more influence over the sale

Resources mentioned:

The Challenger Sale

The Challenger Customer

This episode is hosted by John Grispon. Founder and Sales Coach at Early Revenue, as part of the #Revenue series on B2B Growth.

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