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#BestOf2019: Building an Effective Work-From-Anywhere Culture w/ Lisa Walker

In this episode we talk to Lisa Walker, Vice President of Brand & Corporate Marketing at Fuze.

No. 6 in our countdown of the Top 20 episodes of 2019.

Here is the report Lisa mentions in this episode: https://www.fuze.com/workforce-futures

Lisa shares:

  • How work has transformed from a place we go to something we do
  • Work-from-home policies have helped to eliminate the stigma of working parents by enabling “work mode” in any environment. How do you create “work mode” anywhere?
  • How to think about work anytime as a leader & a team member
  • How to ensure that you stay present/active when working from anywhere
  • How to manage increasingly remote teams
  • How to measure remote employee engagement
  • How to culture in distributed organizations

For more reading on this topic, check out a really useful blog post for remote workers here: https://www.fuze.com/blog/5-top-earbuds-headsets-to-use-at-work

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