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#ABM 6: The 3 Types of Alignment Every Marketing Function Needs w/ Jaime Romero

When most of us hear “alignment” we either: A) Yawn because we’re over hearing about it or B) think about #alignment between sales and marketing. But, for #ABM organizations, alignment must be in 2 other areas:

*Alignment between marketing and marketing (yes, you read that right)

*Alignment between marketing and its customers

On this episode, Jaime Romero joined us to discuss alignment (the non-yawning kind).

Jaime Romero is the VP of Global ABM at MRP, billed as “the only enterprise-class predictive ABM platform.”

What we talked about:

i. Driving alignment

ii. Sales and marketing alignment

iii. Marketing and marketing alignment

iv. Marketing and customer alignment

v. Precitive ABM

vi. Contact activation

vii. Actionable insights

This #ABM series is co-hosted by Kris Rudeegraap, CEO of Sendoso.

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