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911: 3 Ways to Improve Your Prospecting (According to Data) w/ Dave Elkington

In this episode we talk to Dave Elkington, CEO and Founder at InsideSales.com.

You guys recently completed a research study that has a lot of people taken back on how they do sales prospecting.

Why this study?

Can you tell us a little bit about how you went about it?

  • survey & looked at data set

  • looked at what people believe they’re doing 1500 comp surveyed / what they’re actually doing / optimal

neurolytics: ai platform

deals won

You outlined in your study difference elements that people need to consider when prospecting. Can you take us through some of those elements?

6 elements of a cadence – attempts, media, duration, spacing, response time, content

There was a lot of information in the study can you take us through some of the surprises?

State of Sales Development 2018 Report

  1. mix your media 3+

  2. response time

  3. 7 attempts & stop

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