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10 Most Common Mistakes Orgs Make with Thought Leadership Marketing

In this episode, Dan Sanchez talks with Bill Sherman who is the COO of Thought Leadership Leverage about 10 most common mistakes companies make in creating thought leadership marketing.

Here’s the mistakes they discussed:

  • Lack of a clear exec champion
  • The new Head of Thought Leadership is unclear on their role / goals.
  • The new Head of TL feels the new role is not a promotion (“being sent to Siberia”)
  • The Head of Thought Leadership doesn’t understand the business strategy and goals.
  • Other departments get into turf wars over activities (“we do Thought Leadership too!”)
  • The Head of Thought Leadership tries to do it all — instead, the Head of TL should *curate* Thought Leadership
  • The Head of Thought Leadership doesn’t build allies in other departments
  • Thought Leadership is seen as something by/for the elite (only the CEO).
  • The org gets impatient for results.
  • The org tries to measure success by the wrong standards (e.g. content marketing)

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