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In this cross-over episode, we’re sharing an episode from Mental Selling. This show is produced by Sweet Fish Media.

Sales is one of the only professions where we allow it to be defined by the people who do it badly. Top salespeople are ones who earnestly want to improve life for their customers. When purpose driven sales becomes part of the culture and bigger than the transaction- and your ‘true north’ is improving life for customers- you’ll actually wind up making more money.

Successful salespeople want to know that what they’re doing counts for something- that their work matters. If what you are selling is being bought by customers, you’re improving their lives.

Hear our conversation with Lisa Earle McLeod, Founder at McLeod & More, Inc. and author of the bestseller Selling with Noble Purpose.

We discuss:

  1. 3 questions to ask that every salesperson should be able to answer
  2. The real reasons salespeople leave their jobs
  3. How the noble seller differs from the transactional seller
  4. The difference between customer-centricity and purpose-driven sales
  5. Overcoming the negative external perceptions of sales with confidence- and how your customers will feel it
  6. The “it” that customers really want you to get to…
  7. What mistaking profit for their purpose signals to your salespeople and employees
  8. Why sales numbers are a lagging indicator and sales leaders need to coach to mindsets vs. outcomes
  9. Why the people that have bought from you before are the key to understanding how your products make a difference
  10. Sales managers as the “front-line belief builders”


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