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#WhyPodcastsWork 8: 6 Ways a Podcast Helps You Refine Your Go-To-Market Messaging w/ John Rougeux

If you’re a marketer in a new industry, you’re probably wondering how you can craft campaigns and deliver messaging about an industry you know little about. It’s difficult when you don’t speak the industry lingo, and you feel like an “outsider.”

Here’s John Rougeux’s solution for marketer’s new to an industry:

Start a podcast.

And John’s talking from some serious experience. 

He’s the host of the People in Places podcast (produced by your favorite media company). He’s also the co-host of the #CategoryCreation series here at Sweet Fish. And, before that, he hosted a podcast about fitness when he and his co-founder were breaking into the fitness industry.

On this episode, John gave us 6 reasons why podcasting helps marketers who are new in an industry.

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