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#WhyPodcastsWork 6: Giving a Voice to the Extraordinary ‘Ordinaries’ : Everyone Needs To Be Heard w/ Keri Roberts

“I’ve always felt that everyone should be heard, and seen, and cared for.”

Keri Roberts, everyone.

Maybe you know her from her podcast, Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things. Maybe you’ve been hanging around us for a while here at Sweet Fish Media, and she helped your podcast branding jump up to the next level. Or maybe, she just asked you one of her amazing questions, and you had a chance to share your story.

That’s Keri for you.

Keri hosts her own incredible podcast, is Manager of Influence & Presence for VOICE 2019, and she’s the Branding & Launch Manager here at SFM.

We wanted to hear her story on “why podcasts?” She did not disappoint.

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