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#WhyPodcastsWork 16: How to Create Video + Podcasts From 1 Interview With 0 Extra Work w/ Chip Rodgers

Here’s what we love about Chip Rodgers: He doesn’t do anything “conventionally.”

He went bold-hearted into an industry with essentially no one serving it. Then, he took his podcast and said, “How can I do no extra work, but create more content?” He found the answer in Facebook Live.

Chip Rodgers is the VP of Marketing for WorkSpan, and co-host of the #AllianceAces podcast.

On this episode, we discuss:

i. How Chip took the #AllianceAces podcast to Facebook

ii. How the jump to Facebook Live added 0 additional work

iii. Chip’s top 4 lessons from starting his podcast

iv. Elevating an underserved profession

v. How former guests can help you move stalled deals

vi. Finding a team to handle logistics

Checkout these resources we mentioned during the episode:

a. Chip’s LinkedIn

b. #AllianceAces podcast

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