B2B Growth: Your Guide to B2B Marketing

In this episode, Dan Sanchez shares a tip on where to start if you’re new to ABM.

Here’s the transcript:

I’m Dan Sanchez with Sweet Fish Media, and today I want to talk to you about the one book you need to read if you’ve not read any books on ABM yet, and you’re not even sure if you understand ABM, or if you want to get into ABM, maybe you’ve heard about it, and you are curious, maybe someone’s tasked you with figuring it out to see if it’s right for your company.

If you want to figure out what ABM is, I have a new book for you, and it’s one of those books that you would not, that would probably not be recommended to you.

It wasn’t recommended to me, and I only found it on Amazon because I was searching for every book on ABM. And you know what’s funny is when you start to read every book on a really niche topic like ABM, you start to find out what’s normal information and then you start to find out which book has the golden nuggets.

This is one of those books that unless you were trying to read every book on the topic, like what I’m trying to do now, you probably would not listen to unless you knew the author in some way or heard him speak somewhere.

He talks about this in the book and actually gives, it almost kicks off in a very like story based about his own personal story with it, which is just, it’s just such a great way to start the book, you kind of get to know him, you kind of get to know his background, and understand the context for why he started doing what he did with Account Based Marketing before it was even coined as a term, which just made it a delightful read. And he was great at telling the stories, not just recounting what happened, but saying it in such a way that it was kind of fun to hear that narrative.

It’s probably the first narrative that I’ve heard in Account Based Marketing books so far, it was just a delight to read. It was fast, it was fun, and he dropped some great nuggets along the way, which is why I’m now going to start, if someone’s new to Account Based Marketing and kind of wants to just get a gist really quickly, this is going to be my number one recommended book just to start with, it’s more of an intro, and there’s a few other things that I really loved about this book, and some reasons why I would recommend it above others.

So I love that this book illustrates that through and through, gives a lot of creative ideas on how to do it, and goes into depth on how to target accounts and how to define your ICP. He had a number of great questions there, but I’ll save that for the book.

If you’re new to Account Based Marketing and want to get into it, this is the book to start with.

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