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The Personal Brands of Your Entire Team: A Proven System to Implement

In a 2018 environment, there’s no question that personal brands are leading to tangible business results.

In this episode, Logan and James talk about how companies can empower and equip their entire teams to focus on the personal brands.

Here are the notes from this episode:

1) This episode was inspired by Ryan Deiss at Hypergrowth, when he talked about the concept of the “character diamond.”

2) Your company’s brand is the sum of the personal brands of it’s people.

3) Expand the reach of your brand through your people — if they leave, who cares. They expanded your reach while they were with you. Story of Andrew (our Director of Operations) getting 2 leads from the content he posted last week.


4) Recruit people that already care about their personal brand.

5) Make it your competitive advantage from a recruiting perspective to invest in your team’s personal brands.

How do you operationalize this?

6) As a leader, you have to empower your people to focus on their personal brand. Not just with your words, but also with the resources you give them.

7) Give them resources like a copywriter, designer, etc so that they can create content even if content creation isn’t their core skill.

8) Create a cadence of content that new employees can create.

9) For sales people, have them write down every question they get from a potential customer or existing customer and turn that into content.

10) Encourage the specific characteristics in your people that make them valuable contributors to your team. Have them write about those things (systems they’ve implemented, processes they’ve created, frameworks that execute within, etc)

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