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Innovation is all around us. In fact, everyone innovates, often unbeknownst to themselves.

Many mistakenly assume that innovation is either a big capital project, or a figurative bolt of lightning that brings inspiration, or the province of some exceptionally gifted people.

This is the myth of innovation.

Those people and organizations that are not beholden to this myth, in fact, have practices and processes that encourage innovation systematically.

This is true of manufacturing, high-tech, medical device, or any other industry that keeps evolving to answer the demands of the day, both locally and globally.

Those that are mystified by innovation are the ones that resist change, avoid digital transformation, and, over time, become extinct.

Innovation Nation is the podcast that speaks with top executives and industry experts, harnessing their expertise and sharing their insights to empower our listeners to grow. You’ll hear from these industry experts, their stories of grit, determination, experimentation, and core creative solutions to help embrace innovation.

This podcast will help you innovate in practice.

We’ll focus on industry trends and how certain companies stay ahead of the curve by driving their own innovation and building a safer and more sustainable future.

In this episode of the #NewPodcast series, we share a part of the episode –

Start Valuing Your Time Like a Corporate Asset.

Check out the new show here or in your favorite podcast player.

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