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#HowToPodcast 12: Should You Release Podcast Episodes on Holidays? w/ Logan Lyles

In this episode of the #HowtoPodcast series, Logan, our Director of Partnerships here at Sweet Fish shares our answer to a common question:

Should you release podcast episodes on holidays?

We get this question all the time.

Here’s our short answer: YES

and here’s why…

We’re closing in on 1,200 episodes on the B2B Growth Show & we’ve never seen a dip in download #’s on holidays.

In fact, we’ve often seen spikes.

Maybe listeners are loading up their #podcast queues for down time during travel.

Maybe time away from the office is giving them more time to consume content.

Whatever the case, don’t assume that everyone is totally tuned out over Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other holiday week.

Also, podcast consumption is a little different than our social media feeds.

Yes, LinkedIn & others are no longer completely chronological, but there is a lot to be said for posting at ‘peak’ times/days.

For podcasting, though, if someone is subscribed, they’ll likely get to your episode eventually.

It will be the headline & the quality of your content (much more than the timing), that determines whether or not you get that coveted listen.


Keep Calm. Podcast On.

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