B2B Growth: Your Guide to B2B Marketing

In this episode, James & Logan share the weird sales problem we’re experience at Sweet Fish & what we’re doing to tackle it.

Automation vs manual personalization in email is a common debate in #B2B sales right now, but that usually relates to securing the 1st appointment with a prospect. At Sweet Fish, we’ve been discussing how to strike this balance after the initial sales call & further along in the sales cycle.

At Sweet Fish, we aren’t struggling to secure 1st appointments with prospective clients for 2 reasons:

  • Our first touch point is often asking potential clients to be guests on our podcast, which has a very high response rate (especially when you compare it to traditional cold email).

  • We are fortunate to be receiving a lot of inbound traffic because of the podcast content & brand influence that we’ve built through the show.

So, what are we doing about our weird sales problem?

  • Spending more time discussing next steps during the 1st call, and offering ways to add value in the next engagement with the prospect.

  • Segmenting follow up based on the tier of the account & opportunity.

  • Creating snippets for portions of emails (instead of complete email templates) that allows for a balance between manual personalization & semi-automation.

Check out the 2 tools Logan mentioned here:

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