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#ContentBasedNetworking 11: How a College Kid Got a Meeting with a Big Shot CEO w/ Josh Steimle

In this episode we talk to Josh Steimle, Founder & CEO at MWI & Founder of Influencer Inc.

Josh shares how he used Content-Based Networking to land an interview with a big-time CEO when he was a college student with no audience.

Josh continued to use content collaboration as a contributor for Forbes, Entrepeneur & Mashable to build relationships with ideal clients by giving them free press & highlighting them in larger publications.

Content-Based Networking helped Josh eventually land his first book deal.

Defintely a recommended read for CMOs (or aspiring CMOs):

Chief Marketing Officers at Work – http://amzn.to/2uroMBf.

Check out Influencer Inc’s LinkedIn course Logan & Josh mention in this episode: https://www.influencerinc.co/ieli

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