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#CEO 9: CEO Rule Number 1 — When You Go In, You Must Go All In. w/ Dip Patel

Walking away from a promising career at Lockheed to attend MIT was definitely not in the original plan. But for Dip Patel, it was only the beginning. We discuss his perspective as an immigrant coming to the US from Africa, and how having the steel to jump off of a promising career path led to some thrilling discoveries, and may just power the world. No, really! 

Dip is passionate about solving the world’s energy crisis. His team at Soluna is building large scale green energy plants (starting with a 900 MW Facility in Morocco) to power zero-carbon data centers which will solve the challenges associated with the green energy supply chain.

Dip Patel, CTO at Soluna

What we talked about:

  • The journey from immigrant to MIT to CEO
  • If you aren’t “all in” you aren’t doing it right
  • Hopping off a career path to pursue your dreams
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