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CEO and Chairperson, Promise Phelon opens up to long time peer and fellow serial entrepreneur, show host John Belizaire, about her leadership learning arc.

Promise gets candid about realizing how much her team depended on her, and how that both frightened and fueled her.  She shares her learnings acquired over the course of her journey as an underdog CEO.

Focusing on well-rounded growth and an eye on what’s to come, John and Promise talk C-level shop and her upcoming book, “The Way of the Growth Warrior”.

We had a chance to talk about:

  • The personal and professional growth experiences of entrepreneurs 
  • Leading during times of crisis
  • How important being human and mastering yourself is to CEO success
  • Why relationships matter at the C-level, especially during times of crisis 
  • Antifragile-Things That Gain From Disorder by Nassim Nicolas Taleb

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This #CEO episode is hosted by John Belizaire, CEO at Soluna and Editor of the CEOPLAYBOOK.

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