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#BehindtheCurtain: You’re Not a Thought Leader Unless You Take a Stand

In this episode, James & Logan share why you can’t be a thought leader without taking a stand for or against something.

Thanks to Andy Crestodina for prompting this discussion.

Examples to look at where people & brands do take a stand:

1) Sweet Fish: we adamantly disagree with “Quality over Quantity” in content marketing

2) John Barrows: you have to be agile in your approach to sales & not simply subscribe to one single methodology from now until the end of time.

Check out John’s new children’s book here: I Want to Be in Sales When I Grow Up!

3) Sangram Vajre at Terminus: marketing is a function of sales

Check out Sangram’s new book here: ABM is B2B

4) Dale Dupree: he’s leading The Sales Rebellion, talking about vulnerability in sales.

Check out The B2B Sales Show where his new series will be launching soon.

We also discuss the dangers of not taking a stand (vanilla content) and taking a stand just to take it (just causing controversy for no reason).

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