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#BehindTheCurtain 16: How B2B Sales Pros Should Organize Their Inbox w/ James Carbary & Logan Lyles

In this episode of the #BehindTheCurtain Series, James & Logan share specific tactics you can use to organize your Gmail inbox.

We talk about:

1) Creating color-coded labels for better prioritization

2) How to automate label creation in Gmail

3) Little known tip for adding labels to outgoing messages (so they’re already labeled when you get a reply)

4) How to determine where to spend your “inbox time” as a B2B salesperson

Want to get your copy of James’ book, Content-Based Networking?

It’s available on Amazon now: http://bit.ly/content-basednetworking

If you want it in audiobook format, just search Content-Based Networking or James Carbary on Audible.

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