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986: 4 Steps to Aligning Your Processes to Your Buyer’s Journey w/ Brett Trainor

In this episode we talk to Brett Trainor, Principal in the Industries Practice at Point B.

  1. Conduct Customer Experience Analysis: Ask recent customers that bought and went through the on-boarding process to describe the overall experience from first engagement through delivery. The key is talk to them live and not through email or web surveys. You can use a 3rd party to conduct the interviews or a neutral internal resource.

  2. Conduct Won/Loss Analysis: Interview new customers that recently bought from you and prospects that didn’t buy from you and find out why. You may be surprised at the reasons that they did. The real insights lie in the reasons why your prospects did NOT buy.

  3. Perform a Gap Analysis: Apply the learnings from the analysis against your current state process, messaging and experience and understand where the gaps are. Build a plan to address the gaps and align better with your customer and their expectations.

  4. Prioritize and Execute: Depending on the size and maturity of your organization there may be minor corrections, or you may have to make fundamental changes. The important thing is to take the first step.

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