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977: This Cold Email Strategy Generated an 80% Response Rate w/ Brian Sowards

In this episode we talk to Brian Sowards, Enterprise Go-to-Market Strategist at The Muse.

In Part 1 of a 2 part conversation with Brian, he shares:

Why introverts can dominate in B2B sales

The first 2 of 4 specific prospecting & deal management tactics that Brian has used to generate amazing results:

1) Personalized outreach done effectively

2) Setting yourself up to be referred down & referencing other names in the buyer’s organization that may be involved in the buying process

Here’s a template you can use to execute this same strategy:

Check out tomorrow’s episode where we continue the conversation with Brian & discuss 2 other effective selling strategies:

3) Give each functional area their piece of the puzzle, equip champion to sell internally

4) Content-Based Networking (i.e. LinkedIn content & podcast interviews)

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