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973: 4 Ways to Be a Category Leader (Hint: Don’t Focus on Your Brand) w/ Matt Ferguson

In this episode we talk to Matt Ferguson, Executive VP at Mower.

Matt shares creative ways to become (and be thought of as) a leader in your market:

1) Promote your industry. Nothing endears you to your customers like being an advocate for the entire industry.

2) Recognize success (not just your own). Want to be perceived as an expert in a category? Recognize the best in that category with your own branded award or top-performers list.

3) Be an authority on what’s important to customers. Why not fund a study to track important trends your customers care about?

4) Integrate, integrate, integrate. Whatever message strategy you choose, reinforce it at every touch point. From advertising, to PR and social coverage, to trade shows, to your website, to sales interactions. Make sure sales and marketing on the same page with reinforcing a single-minded message.

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