B2B Growth: Your Guide to B2B Marketing

In this episode we hear from Adam Goyette, VP of Marketing at G2 Crowd.

Why is this important to talk about?

  • there will always be some amount of chaos, never fully goes away (i.e. acquisitions you didn’t foresee), but you have to manage if you want a predictably scalable org

  • avoid employee burnout, tension between startup founders/execs (can thrive on chaos) & team members who want some sense of stability

1) One key is delegation – how do you think about doing this systematically?

2) Creating repeatable models for delegation & execution: starting with something once (i.e. webinar, event, campaign) then set benchmarks: understanding timelines, back into a project plan in the future
Gives you a place to start, then you can experiment with the “recipe”

3) Build out playbooks: example of Asana templates, checklists that you can copy, importance of communication & visibility into execution

4) pre-defining who owns which tasks, allows managers to avoid always getting into the weeds & manage the process as a whole

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