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B2B Growth

937: How to Build an Integrated Growth Marketing Strategy w/ Yasmine de Aranda

In this episode we talk to Yasmine de Aranda, Growth Strategist at Market 8.

Yasmine shares…

  1. Growth Optimization is valuable to any company, because it helps identify the marketing roadmap with highest impact to the business

  2. Highest impact and lowest cost of implementation.

  3. The importance of building a unique strategy vs focusing on tactics, the surround-effect and the role of integrated marketing

  4. You can’t really skip because context is key, and this is why we work closely with the product marketer: Competitor matrix, Business Objectives, Ideal target audience based on existing traction, SWOT analysis

  5. Tactical plan is a mix of offline and online answering the: who, why, what, where.

  6. Implementation phase + testing results

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