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907: How Agencies Can Create 50 New Pieces of Content With Very Little Time w/ Drew McLellan

In this episode we talk to Drew McLellan, CEO aka “Top Dog” at Agency Management Institute & host of the Build A Better Agency podcast.

The struggle for agencies (and B2B brands) to create more thought leadership content with little time usually ends in 2 undesirable outcomes:

1) You produce content in fits & starts and damage your reputation with your audience.

2) You produce bland content that doesn’t add real value or deliver a message your customers couldn’t find anywhere else.

Instead of struggling to produce new content year-round, Drew recommends starting with a piece of cornerstone content, then slicing & dicing it to create more than 50 pieces of new content throughout the year.

At AMI, Drews team does this by starting with a research project that creates the foundation for all kinds of content from there: podcast episodes, webinar series, articles for other publications, video series, blog posts, social posts, infographics and lead magnets–just to name a few.

This approach also helps you create content to get featured on other people’s channels, like being able to deliver a keynote at an industry conference or being featured as a guest on other podcasts.

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