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851: 3 Ways B2C Digital Experiences are Changing B2B Sales w/ Mike Dickerson

In this episode we talk to Mike Dickerson, CEO of ClickDimenions.

The digital era has fundamentally changed B2B sales in three fundamental ways:

  1. Sellers no longer have a monopoly on information. Buyers have almost unlimited access to more content to help them discover their pains, define their needs and research alternatives.

  2. Buyers have more competitive alternatives. Using digital technologies, competitors can reach buyers regardless of geographic location and hour of day. Buyers no longer are beholden to the seller’s appointment schedule; they can do their buying work whenever and wherever they want.

  3. Prospects are harder to reach. Cold calls don’t work. People don’t want to be interrupted, they don’t want to be sold and they are hard to engage. We know prospects are online, bit it requires skills to find prospects who browse anonymously in a universe of websites and content.

Buyers also are wary of all the spin, they put more weight on authentic customer reviews and trusted members of their social networks.

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