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826: 3 Steps to Determine Your Marketing Priorities for the Next Year w/ Todd Kunsman

In this episode we talk to Todd Kunsman, Head of Marketing at EveryoneSocial.

He lays out a 3-step framework for determining your marketing priorities, especially when heading up a new team:

1. Start with the CEO (if possible) & Head of Sales

Is there a brand visibility issue or is demand gen the area that needs the most work?

2. Get to know your customers & your competitors

Where are there gaps in your competitors’ marketing that you can see online. Don’t stop at getting to know prospects via sales call sit-ins. Talk to Customer Success & have those conversations inform your buyer personas, as well.

3. Take extra time to research the state of your industry & your niche in the market.

It may be tempting to jump into execution too early, but determining both long-term & short-term goals very clearly in this step can help you avoid wasted time in early marketing efforts.

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