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1006: Beyond Logos: How Your Brand & Your Purpose Become One w/ Carin Van Vuuren

When most of us think of “brand,” we think of a logo. Carin has a simple answer to that concept:

Think again.

On this episode, Carin Van Vuuren, CMO at Greenhouse Software invites us to explore brand from a new angle: Purpose.

She’s a self-proclaimed “brand junkie” who believes brand and purpose are at the core of a company’s competitive advantage. So, on this episode, she dives into:

i. How brand is the outcome of a customer’s experience and feelings associated with a company

ii. Becoming a purpose-driven brand

iii. How the SasS & B2B industries can reclaim their branding and positioning

iv. Why brand is the competitive advantage that cannot be copied

v. Standing out in a competitive market using branding

vi. De-risking your growth expansion using your brand

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