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1005: Here’s How to Amplify, Repurpose, & Reuse Content From Live B2B Events w/ Sean Florio

B2B events are expensive. But the content, thought leadership, and creativity that comes from them? Priceless. What if you could scale the content from your live B2B events, and reuse it and repurpose it across your PR, marketing, and social teams?

That’s exactly what Sean Florio, Co-founder at Manifold explained how to do in this episode.

Sean co-founded Manifold to help B2B companies gain massive ROI on experiential marketing events, like user conferences, trade shows, corporate events, and other immersive experiences.

He uses his industry expertise to share how to use B2B live events to gain a massive content base. He also dives in on how to edit and reshare those pieces of content.

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